Monday 17 December 2012

A letter

Dear Father Christmas,

I appreciate that this is a busy time of year for you, so I trust that you do not mind me getting in contact.

I am sure that you receive a great deal of communication dealing with requests, so I thought that I would write you a short note to offer my thanks for all the excellent gifts over the years.  Whilst I cannot say that I have ever recovered from the disappointment of never receiving a Mr Frosty, I must say that you have absolutely nailed it over recent years.  Some people might be baffled by my enthusiasm for some of the items listed below, but not you, Father Christmas, not you.

I must apologise in advance for some of the accreditations below - they have not all hailed from the North Pole, but considering you are well known for your joviality, I made the assumption that you would not mind.

Therefore, I thank you for:

The pink lemonade that tasted just how I hoped it would in The Sound of Music...

...the stroop waffles from Amsterdam - that waffley biscuit with a hidden layer of thick caramel was heavenly...

...the pecan praline from Texas that was like a rich, nutty fudge...

...the Texan peach salsa - I could have drunk this glorious concoction, with just the right amount of chilli...

...the edible gold stars for sprinkling over home-made mince pies (I have already processed your order for this year)...

...the poems about food and Belgian chocolate to eat while reading poems about food...

...and a first ever home-made cake.

My thanks once again, and my best wishes for a calm and efficient present delivery period.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th,

Yours sincerely

Jinni, aged 30 years and 7 months

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